Search Tips - UB Engineering

Galleries vs. Folders

In SmugMug, individual photos are organized into collections of photos called Galleries. Collections of Galleries are then organized into Folders (based on the broader topic area).

Finding Photos

We suggest using one of two methods for finding photos:

1. Search 

Use the search box at the top of any page to search photos by keyword.

By default, your search results will be sorted by “Photo Rank.” To see most recent photos, click Sort by: “Newest.”

Also by default, your search results will return individual photo results. Below the search box, click on Galleries or Folders to view the corresponding search results.

Looking for a department, center or club? Try searching by acronym.

2. Browse

On the Browse page, photo galleries have been organized into top-level folders that correspond with UB Engineering main topics areas. These main folders/topic areas are as follows:

Buildings and Spaces
Dean's Advisory Council
Digital Signage
Faculty and Staff
Graduate Education
Outreach and Diversity
Portraits - Group
Portraits - Individual
Research and Labs
Scholarship Events and Recipients
Seminars and Lectures
Special Events
Student Clubs
To Be Organized
Undergraduate Education
Website Photo Galleries